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Technology is changing the American economy.  Automatic teller machines has transformed how people bank.  On-line travel agencies has drastically changed how we purchase travel tickets.  People use their smartphones every day to purchase everything.  But the technology utilized in educational systems had not been progressing as rapidly.

However, in recent years classrooms have begun to be transformed by modern technology from k-12 education.  More schools are using smart boards, iPads, tablets and student information systems to capture detailed data and information about the students learning styles.  The onset of on-line education via learning management systems has also had a major impact on the student’s educational experience. 

Many school district strategic plans and education conferences are aggressively embracing technology to improve teaching and learning.  This so-called “classroom technology” includes blended learning, personalized learning, online courses for students, and professional development for teachers, among many other things.

Project Highlight

Maryland State Department of Education (Race to the Top)

Bithgroup provided project management and system implementation support for the Maryland State Department of Education Race to the Top project.  We documented requirement analysis for a learning management system and managed the process of selection and procurement and implementation of the system.  We worked with vendors and educators from around the state to develop and deploy educational resources for grades kindergarten through twelve.  We also administered analysis and resources to support local education agencies selection and implementation of student instructional information systems.