October 26, 2015- Six employees from BITHGROUP Technologies/BITHENERGY, Inc. volunteered at Our Daily Bread on Monday, providing assistance preparing and serving lunch to about 700 guests.  The team included a company executive, managers and an administrative assistant who all worked together and with other volunteers to serve.  According to BITHGROUP volunteer, Stephen Bradford, “volunteering at Our Daily Bread was a rewarding opportunity to provide a needed service to our local community.  It afforded us the chance to work closely as a team and bond as a working family.  I feel fortunate to participate in making a difference in someone's day.”  BITHGROUP Technologies encourages its employees to get involved in community service activities and supports a variety of community service outreach events in Baltimore City and other parts of the state annually. 

In 2007, Catholic Charities opened the Our Daily Bread Employment Center (ODBEC), which seeks to improve the lives of people in need by providing resources to help them achieve self-sufficiency through employment and housing.  The facility includes a soup kitchen/ dining room that serves more than a quarter million meals to the hungry of Baltimore City each year. They serve nutritious lunches every day of the year and breakfast to seniors and individuals with disabilities each weekday. - Learn more about Our Daily Bread.: http://www.catholiccharities-md.org/our-daily-bread/make-a-difference-volunteer.

BITHGROUP Technologies is a leading IT services company.  The company has over 23 years of experience working with local, state and federal government clients in developing IT solutions.  Its expertise includes enterprise services health information systems, energy management information systems and identity services. Please visit www.BITHGROUP.com for more information.

Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, BITHENERGY, Inc. is a leading supplier of the engineering, design, construction, and maintenance of renewable energy systems.  Ranked 49th out of 400 Top Solar Contractors and 8th out of 50 Top Solar Developers in 2014, the BITHENERGY team has successfully integrated over 150 renewable energy solutions in various states and has successfully developed, financed, and integrated over 2GW of solar projects both nationally and internationally. 

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