September 23, 2015- Herbert Jordan Deputy Secretary of the Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs spoke to the students of the Graves Honors Program at Morgan State University.  The session focused on why inclusion of minority owned business was good for the state of Maryland.  Mr. Jordan spoke about the Maryland Minority Business Enterprise Program’s goal of achieving 29% of inclusion for minority owned businesses on State Contracts.   44% of the citizens who reside in Maryland come from a minority group.  Therefore it is important for the State to spend money with representatives that look like the residents who reside in the state.  He spoke about how America’s competitive advantage is in its diversity.  We must leverage our diversity.  Diverse teams make the best decisions.  

Over 50 students were in attendance.  Mr. Jordan answered very challenging questions from the students and provided additional insight.  He talked about the importance of ethics in business and the risk business people take to move things forward.  Today we live in a global economy and we must look at best practices from around the world.  We have so many new challenges in the work place with culture shift being one of the biggest.  We also have multi-generational challenges in the workplace.  

The Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs (GOMA) connects small, minority-and women-owned businesses to State contracting and procurement opportunities through the Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Small Business Reserve (SBR) programs while working with State agencies to implement and monitor these programs in accordance with applicable policies, laws and regulations. 

Jordan said, “he was proud to have had the opportunity to speak with the students.  He did not envy the job that the professors at Morgan have because they are challenged with preparing the students for a world that doesn’t even exist yet.”

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