February 18, 2016- Bithgroup Technologies, a top IT services company, attends the 30th Black Engineer of the Year Awards (BEYE) STEM Global Competitiveness Conference in Philadelphia, PA.  The company’s President and CEO, Mr. Robert L. Wallace was a panelist in a seminar entitled “A True Commitment to Sustainability: The Relevance of Green Business Initiatives.”   Vice President of Operations, Harry Holt, also attended and brought two high school-aged STEM students to participate in their first BEYA Conference. 

“We are proud to participate in the Black Engineer of the Year Awards Conference and to take this opportunity to expose two young technologists of tomorrow to BEYA.  We believe it is extremely important to keep the pipeline of scientist and engineers filled with young aspiring technologist of tomorrow.  Bithgroup Technologies has an annual summer internship program that exposes both high school and college aged students to our company.  The students learn about the products and the services we provide while also gaining some hands-on project-related experiences.  We also have the students participate in community service and some type of cultural enrichment experience during the tenure of their summer internship.


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Bithgroup Technologies is a leading IT services company With more than 24 years of experience working with local, state and federal government clients in developing IT solutions.  The company’s expertise includes enterprise services, health information systems, energy management information systems identity services and hardware/software sales. Please visit www. Bithgroup.com for more information.

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