March 31, 2016- Robert Wallace served as a presenter at the Maryland-D.C. Economic Summit hosted by the President’s Roundtable.  The session took place on Thursday, March 31st from 11:00 to 2:00 pm at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum in downtown Baltimore.  Mr. Wallace presented his formula for wealth creation, particularly as it relates to the African-American community, and how the achievement of many individuals drives the economic power of communities.  Mr. Wallace went on to say that wealth creation is no mystery, it comes from personal achievement.  He states: “To be a successful entrepreneur you must harness material resources, adopt technology, apply your intelligence and control resistance.   Resistance is both external and internal….External resistance is marketplace competition. Internal resistance is the siren of self-doubt that can keep African Americans from closing the yawning wealth gap between blacks and whites.” 

Robert Wallace is a renowned author and speaker who has written published five books all focused on wealth creation and wealth building.  Several of his book specifically focus on how blacks can build and sustain wealth. Black Wealth through Black Entrepreneurship, Black Wealth Your Road to Small Business Success, Soul Food 52 Principles for Black Entrepreneurial Success, Strategic Partnerships an Entrepreneur’s Guide to Joint ventures and Alliances and The Ssese principles Guidelines for Creating Wealth through Faith. 

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