On Wednesday, February 7th, 2018, Vice President of Operations, Harry Holt participated in the Mayor’s Youth Works Press Conference at City Hall. The event was filled with YouthWorkers, employers and supporters who spoke about the importance of local businesses hiring youth for the Summer. 

YouthWorks is Baltimore City’s summer jobs program for residents between the ages of 14 and 21. Each year through YouthWorks, the Mayor’s Office of Employment Development (MOED) connects thousands of teens and young adults to meaningful summer work experiences throughout the city. Participants work in a wide variety of industries, including health care and social assistance, hospitality/tourism, finance, construction, the arts, and environmental/green jobs.

Featured above, Harry Holt, Vice President of Operations for BITHGROUP Technologies stated, “BITHGROUP Technologies has sponsored Youthworks interns in the past and we are excited to sponsor another intern this year.  It is critically important for employers like BITHGROUP Technologies to provide the youth of today with opportunities to engage in real life work experiences.  This complements their education and helps prepare them for the world of work.  It is also necessary if we want our company and country to be competitive with the rest of the world.  There are benefits that our company gains from working with the youth. They bring a new youthful energy into the workplace and we learn from them as they are learning from us.”