Digital Transformation has been a term that has been tossed around, especially in the past few years. Consumers and employees are interacting with businesses in new ways forcing organizations to rethink the way they use technology and data. Digital Transformation is all about empowering your employees, engaging your customers, optimizing your operations and transforming your product through systems of intelligence.

There are obviously many ways to do this and many tactics to consider when thinking about how to restructure your business practices. At the Digital Transformation Conference hosted at the University of Baltimore on Wednesday, June 13, participants will get the chance to hear from a wide variety of Digital Transformation experts.

Participants will walk away able to answer these five questions:

  1. How effective if your organization at leveraging data and analytics to power your business model?
  2. Do you understand your organizations key business initiatives and how they benefit data?
  3. Do you have business stakeholders as active participants in setting your use case roadmap?
  4. Do you understand the economic value of your data and how that affects your technology and business investments?
  5. Do you understand how to create a platform that exploits the economic value of your data?

Don't miss the chance to network with industry leaders, learn about how technology can help your business and walk away with a plan for success!