Baltimore, MD - BITHGROUP Technologies is working with Morgan State University and Professor Gregory Ramsay’s INSS 370 System, Analysis & Design Course students on five internal Information Technology projects to improve efficiencies. We will work with at least fifteen college students, juniors and seniors to assist us with evaluating and designing new systems for the following areas: (Customer Relationship Management, Constant Customer Contact, Mobile Fingerprinting, On-line Scheduling and Payments for Fingerprinting, Minority Business Enterprise Reporting). Seven BITHGROUP employees will be involved in working with the students (Laurie Hess, Kim Campbell, Chris Hawkins, Shenice Harris, Shani Amos, Saju Markose and Harry Holt).

The Students will work through the entire system design process using an agile methodology using sprints leading to the creation of system designs. The students will hold a design fair at the end of the semester and BITHGROUP will have the opportunity, if they decide to implement the recommendations to work with the students during the Spring semester.

Morgan State University offers an Information Systems and Sciences bachelor’s degree and is trying to enhance the overall student educational experience by offering hands-on custom design projects with actual customers on real projects. Morgan State University provides students with the opportunity to be career ready.


BITHGROUP is an award-winning technology company based in Baltimore, Maryland. The company provides Enterprise IT, Health IT, Identity Services, Cyber Security, Digital Business Transformation Services and resell Hardware and Software to government and commercial clients.