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Conventional IT management and services are evolving every day. As technology evolves, organizations are forced to become more nimble to maintain a competitive edge. We are poised and positioned to support rapid changes and growth to your organization’s enterprise services. IT Service Management is a pivotal part of ensuring your organization emerges better positioned for success.

We deliver consistent innovative and standardized IT Service Management using ITIL best practices. Our expertise in IT Service Management helps create a flexible and expandable environment with a combination of automation and virtualization. This Service Management Process helps our customers produce consistent, measurable, and sustained improvements. The benefits our clients realize include reduction of operation costs, greater returns on technology investments, broader capacity to serve, and maximized profits.

What makes BITHGROUP Technologies so easy to work with is we’re not tied to any vendor’s technology or story. We’re here to understand your situation and cater a solution using whatever products are the most appropriate – third party or custom built. We specialize in integrating products together to suit your specific needs, and we’ll be there for support after you’re up and running.

Project Highlights

Maryland Department of Education -
Enhanced Child Care Administrative Tracking System (eCCATS)

BITHGROUP provided project management and help desk support for Maryland Department of Education CCATS project. We developed and implemented a four phased training super-user training program for technical and support trainers. We consistently met all stipulated project deliverables on-time and within budget, while ensuring high quality deliverables. We also provided support for project testing activities, ensuring that all product enhancements were thoroughly tested and completed prior to releases.

Government Healthcare regulatory agency - Business Transformational Project

BITHGROUP Technologies' challenge was to convince a government healthcare regulatory agency to expand its proposed project form not only acquiring a new IT system, but to also include a complete overhaul of its organizational structure and processes.

During assessment of the team, some managers demonstrated a need for additional leadership development. To meet this need, BITHGROUP Technologies provided one-on-one coaching to the management team and recommended a formal training program. BITHGROUP Technologies also reinstated weekly manager meetings.

To handle the inadequacy of outdated policies and procedures, an analysis was performed by the BITHGROUP team during the engagement to identify existing information related to policies and procedures. Following this, BITHGROUP Technologies analyzed business flows concurrently worked with a human resources change management  consultant and a policies and procedures consultant. As part of its analysis, BITHGROUP reviewed systems used by other vendors; analyzed other state pharmacies' operations; reviewed health occupation boards' operations; conducted interviews with the Board, Executive Director, Deputy, Management, and staff; and extracted information from these analyses to support its findings and recommendations. Resulting in improvements with application processing times and betterment in overall customer service.

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